Novel study secret lake

We have been reading The Secret Lake by Karen Inglis. I would recommend this book to 9 – 12 year olds, I will have to give it a 7/10 because I cant understand some of the storyline.. Its a really good book and my favourite person is Tom!

What is your favourite book?

Comment if you have any questions/feedback 🙂


Usain Timmy and Jimmy


There was a treehouse in the city. Usain and his friends Timmy and Jimmy lived in the treehouse. They loved to cause havoc around the city like stealing prime and takis to eat them and they never got caught in the act until today they got arrested and they were in jail for 5 months when they got out they stole more prime and takis and did the griddy all day long. But one night they were sleeping and they heard a big bang coming from the kitchen when they went to investigate they saw a purple and pink goo dripping down out of the microwave then Suddenly Timmy’s Controller disconnected and he randomly disappeared but when we went outside Usain and Jimmy saw him lying down covered in the grimace shake.

Land of Timmy vs Mayo land

Once there was a mail man. but one day he had to go to Mayoland. When he went to Mayoland, he got 360 to the face and fell to his death. Then, Mayoland started a war between them and Timmyland. Won the war by ending Mayoland soldiers and Timmy land celebrated